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What legendary Nashville producer Bob Montgomery has to say...

I have worked in Sparky's mobile studio. Sounds great & is completely movable .The acoustics are as good & true as any of the many studios I've recorded in, in Nashville. "What you hear is what you get" I'm sure you know how important that is. Sparky is a fine engineer and that is a big plus. His expertise in the field is second to none. Not only that but he is very pleasant guy to work with. That's my experience.

All the best, Bob Montgomery

Tom Coyne, senior mastering engineer, Sterling Sound NY. One of the world’s best RnB mastering engineers, having mastered albums for Adele, Pink, Beyonce, Maroon 5 and Taylor Swift.

Hello there Mark, I wish you were my only client and you sent me files like this everyday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Good luck with this project... Andrea sounds amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!

All the best to both of you. Tom

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