The Sparky Experience ...

Spark1 Studios is owned and operated by Mark "Sparky" Paltridge. Mark has had a wealth of experience in the music industry for over 15 years, not only playing drums, percussion, guitar and singing for various bands in Australia, but also in writing, arranging, producing and engineering. Recording primarily acoustic based acts has become his passion over the years, having spent much of his time in and around the Australian folk scene and all its incarnations.



1992-1993 : Treehouse

Drums/Percussion for World-Afro Celt 7 pce Melbourne outfit TREEHOUSE (released "We're All Here" and "Live and Awful").

1993 : Soukous Lokole

Drums Percussion for African Dance band SOUKOUS LOKOLE, based in Melbourne.

Toothfaeries : Where

1994-2000 : Toothfaeries

Drum/percussion for the now infamous TOOTHFAERIES (released "High Heels Pumping" and "Where?").


1998-1999 : Zimbira

Drums/percussion for African Dance band ZIMBIRA (released "One For Juan Fife").


1998-2000 : SUBFREQ

Drums/percussion for Funk outfit SUBFREQ (released "Organically Synthetic").


2000-2003 : The Houseprouds

Guitar and singing for Folk rock outfit THE HOUSEPROUDS (released "Open House").

Echlon Grey

Current : Aussie Boogaloo

Currently singing and playing guitar with cover 3 pce band, Aussie Boogaloo,


Current : The Undercovers

Currently Sparky plays drums for local rock act ‘TheUndercovers’

Echlon Grey

Current : Echelon Grey

Currently guitar and singing with Bec Paltridge & Rory O’Donnell, in 3 pce corporate/wedding band, Echelon Grey,

Echlon Grey

Current : The David Flower Band

Currently drumming for 5pce folk/rock act ‘The David Flower Band’,